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We are proud to serve our communities at the highest level.

To serve our communities by protecting life, property and the environment through effective and respectful education, preparedness, and emergency response. We are committed to kind and gentle approach to our business leaders as well as performing community outreach within all our fire districts and political jurisdictions. We will always maintain a positive and professional approach to life safety and be good stewards in every regard.

Fire prevention and liability mitigation for our customers, fire districts, and county is paramount in these times where insurance companies focus has changed from fire response to fire prevention. 


Calaveras County Fire Prevention will now be conducting State Mandated Inspections per SB 1205 and California HSC 13146.4
Background: The California State Fire Marshal, through the California Health and Safety Code, mandates certain occupancies be
inspected annually. Sections 13146.2 and 13146.3 of the Health and Safety Code specifically mandate that every hotel, motel,
lodging house, apartment building, certain residential care facilities, and public and private schools be inspected annually.
Since the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland in 2016 which killed 36 people, grand jury investigations revealed that the State
required annual inspections on various occupancies, but the inspections were not mandated to be reported to any governing body.   

Senate Bill 1205, authored by Senator Jerry Hill, became effective September 27, 2018. It adds Section 13146.4 to the Health
and Safety Code which, in part, reads: (a) Every city or county fire department, city and county fire department, or district
required to perform an annual inspection pursuant to Sections 13146.2 and 13146.3 shall report annually to its administering
authority on its compliance with Sections 13146.2 and 13146.3. 


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